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 Skin Effect Heat Systems




Typical Characteristics of product range


Available for hazardous area applications – Zone 1 & 2

Maximum Application Temperature to 200°C

Maximum Circuit length – 25000m




Skin effect heating system can provide a cost-effective alternative to Series resistance heat tracing on long pipelines. A pipeline up to 25 kilometres plus long can be traced from a single power point.

Skin effect heating system generates heat in the "Heat Tube" by the return electrical current flowing through the impedance of the inner skin of the heat tube.

Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 200°C



SES – Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance

Cable Type

Cable Output

Max Withstand Temp (Power Off)

Max Energised Temp (Power On)

Hazardous Area

Silicone Insulated

To 60 w/m



T1 – T6*

FEP single core

To 150 w/m



T1 – T6*