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We provide control panels and systems to client specification or to our in house design specifications. Typical distribution panels will consist of the following equipment:-


IP55 Sheet Steel Enclosure, Manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel plate, finished in silicone grey oven dried paint, RAL 7032


Internal mounting plate, manufactured from 2.5 or 3.0mm thick steel plate, finished in orange paint, RAL 2000


The enclosure is supplied 2.0mm thick, undrilled gland plate(s), top or bottom


Suitably rated 4 pole door interlocked isolator


Power On indication lamp- white


MCB/RCD overcurrent/earth leakage protective device, MCB units sized to suit the maximum circuit load, RCD units rated 30 mA/30 ms


Common MCB/RCD trip indication lamp- red


Individual MCB/RCD indication lamps- red


Individual MCB/RCD on/off indication lamps- green


Suitably rated single phase circuit ammeter


Pad lockable circuit isolators- padlock by others


1 pair Common volt free alarm terminals, n/c


Lot Outgoing power terminals, suitable for 2core cable up to 6mm sq


All components are inter-wired using suitably sized tri-rated cable to BS 6231

Each indication lamp is connected via a DIN rail mounted fuse terminal and quick disconnect terminal. Indication lamps are 240/6v transformer type.

 If required MCB/RCD units can be supplied with a padlock attachment to facilitate locking in the off position.

Should 3core power cable be used, an additional earth terminal or earth bar will be required.

MCB/RCD trip indication lamps will be illuminated only in the event of a fault, should you require on/off indication, additional lamps will be required.