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Leak Detection Units

Intended for all types of building, and in particular for office buildings, data centres, banks, museums or department stores, our detection units allow automatic and instantaneous detection of water, acid or hydrocarbon leaks

Why install a leak detection unit?

• To avoid recurring leaks and reduce the amount of network repair costs.
• To minimize damage to your equipment, your data or your floor covering (parquet, tiles, etc.).
Designed in France by our team, our detection units are made to measure after taking into account your specific needs.
We put two technical solutions at your disposal:
• Central with localization, which allows you to locate the leak within a radius of one meter.
• Central without localization, with audible and visual alarm

Leak Detection Module

Independent of the cable, the detection module allows you to benefit from several essential features for the accuracy and optimal operation of your system.
Dagman provides you with an intelligent module, designed and manufactured by us in France.

Leak Detection Cables

To guarantee you a fast and precise detection of leaks, we deploy our cables made in France in your premises.

They are all available in digital or analog format, and in 3, 7 or 15 meter lengths

Water leak detection cables
 Their strengths and features:
 • water leak detection along its entire length,
 • possibility of installation in the entirety of a building,
 • identification of the type of liquid in contact, without risk of confusion with a hydrocarbon,
 • determination of the quantity of liquid in contact and of its exact location (with a digital unit only).

Leak Detection Accessories

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the liquid leak detection system, we have several types of accessories.

DAG-T: T branch that allows the circuit to be divided into several zones.
DAG-LEADER: connecting cable with female connector to start the circuit.
DAG-END: termination socket for cables. This ensures the end of the circuit.
DAG-JUMPER : 3m or 5m neutral cable with Male and Female connectors to make a connection between two detection cables.
DAG-CLIPS : cable fixing clips. We advise you to place a clip every 1 m from each other.
DAG-TAG : signaling label allowing identification of our installation. We advise you to place a label every 4 m for better visibility.
DAG-BUS : neutral cable for linking the entire installation.