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Insulation Jackets

We provide a wide range of insulation jackets which are supplied with integral heating cables. These units are manufactured to suit each individual application. They facilitate quick and easy removal of the complete assembly for maintenance. If required we can provide an integral heating cable is used to maintain the equipment at the required temperature, which may vary from freeze protection to high temperature process maintenance.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, our thermal insulation jackets  are wrapped around external pipework casing, valves or flanges to control temperature and maintain substance flow rate.

  • Each unit may be supplied with a trace heating power connection junction box or thermostat to provide temperature control.
  • The units may also be used within Hazardous areas, as all of the trace heating materials hold ATEX hazardous area approvals.
  • Temperatures range for freeze protection to 600C


  • Valves & Flanges
  • Vessels & Drums
  • Pumps & Tanks
  • Level Gauge
  • Steam Traps
  • Indicators

Heated Enclosure Assemblies

 Together with our partners we provide in-house design services that can provide jacketing solutions to meet the exact requirements of a project.

A wide range of materials are available depending on the specification of a project including the temperatures of equipment and conditions of surroundings. Other factors can also be taken into account to ensure we provide the most cost effective, energy efficient product with the most extensive life span. 

Heated instrument Tubing

OSNALINE® tubes and tube bundles are pre-fabricated tube-runs consisting
of a small diameter tube or group of tubes stranded in an extruded outer
jacket. Each bundle can contain up to 19 tubes in a selection of materials
and dimensions, and can be supplied either as a standard product or
custom made to meet the client’s specific requirements.
OSNALINE® products are generally used as impulse and instrument lines to transport gases and fluids and for hydraulic
and pneumatic applications in various industries, such as:
• Chemical and petrochemical
• Shipbuilding and offshore
• Building and
• Plant construction and mechanical engineering.

Instrument Manifolds

To be able to supply complete manifold solutions it is essential that all components within that solution are designed to match each other. That is where Multi Instruments Instrumentation differs from its competitors, as all products and parts used within instrumentation assemblies are engineered, produced and tested in-house, making it a perfect fit. This means that you only need to deal with one supplier to get a fully engineered and documented solution to your manifold problems, which makes procurement and expediting a lot more efficient. You'll only deal with the best partner in the manifold solution business. A partner that is globally qualified for the job, having the European ISO9001, PED and ATEX certifications, the Russian GOST-R and Application Permits and CSA explosion proof certification for the USA and Canadian market.