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This versitile product can be used for a number of applications:


Ice Prevention to emergency stairways

General Requirements:Means of Escape    


It is recommended that the day-to-day maintenance of exits and escape routes becomes the responsibility of all staff, contractors, visitors, residents and pupils.  This is a way of ensuring that escape routes are kept free of all storage and obstructions.  Other hazards to be aware of include moss and algae (which may be growing on paths), iceand uneven surfaces.  Staff should know of the nearest escape routes.  In larger building these may be indicated on standard Fire Notices.



Snow build-up or ice formation on ramps and stairways


Snow build-up or ice formation on ramps or entrance ways pose a danger to vehicles, or can prevent access / egress.  Similarly, snow or ice on paths or stairways create a pedestrian hazard.

Access is often critical. Ramps serving car parks in  hotels, shops and public buildings and business must be kept clear. Entrances to hospitals and similar establishments must be accessible at all times.

Critical surfaces should be provided with a reliable automatic solution to the problem.


Freezer Floors

When a cold store is installed at ground level, its low temperature will gradually transfer through the floor into the ground beneath. If this is allowed to happen then moisture, which is naturally present in the earth, will start to freeze. As this moisture turns into ice and expands, it pushes up on the floor above, causing the cold store floor to crack and bow. This often results in an uneven and unsafe floor and disruption to the racking. Once the floor itself is damaged, the situation can quickly deteriorate so that the entire cold store becomes un-useable.

To prevent this serious and very costly problem, specialists recommend a combination of insulation and low level heating in the floor of new cold stores.


Underfloor Heating - see our specialist www.warmfloor-solutions.com

Underfloor Heating isa perfect way to create warm comfort within Living areas such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Conservatories.


This heating system is placed close to the floor surface and due to the even heat distribution upside you are getting the optimum heating climate in your room.


Underfloor heating can be used both as a central heating unit and as a supplemental system. It is always our recommendation to partner our underfloor heating systems with insulation; this lowers heat up times significantly and further increases efficiency.

All our Underfloor Heating systems nowadays are cost effective, reliable, and efficient and are an energy efficient method of keeping warm.


Our embedded systems offers:


•Embedded Electrical Heating system
•Automatic control systems detecting snow and ice formation.
•Environmentally friendly
•Applies heat only when necessary
•Provides the most practical solution
•Prevents ice forming on cold surfaces



• Flame-retardant, single / twin or three conductors

• Metallic braided sheath with minimum electric fields.

• Insulation class I

• IP67

• Operating temperature max +70°C.

• Mechanical strength, armoured class C according to EN60800.

• Voltage 230 Volt.

• Built in cold tail with metallic sheath optional

• Manufactured according to

EN60800, SS4242411.

• Complies with RoHS directive