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Together with our partners we can design and manufacture custom temperature, process and power controllers to meet specific application demands, including user interfaces with custom membrane overlays and touch screens and the latest in analog measurement, control algorithms and solid state relay (SSR) and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power switching technology. Custom solutions based on Watlow's powerful and flexible platform for custom controllers offer shorter time to market and reduced development and production costs.

Platform-based products are faster to prototype, are more reliable, require less sustaining effort and grow more easily with your evolving needs than from-the-ground-up developments because the building blocks are already designed, tested, agency approved and successfully applied in a variety of applications. Platform-based products are less costly and more reliable because they maximize the existing designs leveraging hardware purchases over more units and leveraging hardware and software validation over more applications. Watlow's platform of custom controllers is optimized for the minimum feature set, yet is expandable allowing flexibility and scalability to provide just the right solution for your equipment needs. Partnering with Watlow on a platform-based solution focuses sustaining efforts on a smaller technology and design base allowing responsive to changing requirements