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A distinguishing feature of our BARTEC EMK heating cables is that they are extremely robust and require no additional protection against mechanical influences.



The application of a supply voltage to the resistance cable generates heat. The quantity of heat is dependent on the resistance value of the heating cable and the supply voltage


Ex II 2G Ex e II T1 à T6 Gb

Ambient temperature

  • Max. jacket withstand temperature
  • - Alloy 825/Inconel: +650 °C (on request)
  • - S/S no. 1.4541: +600 °C
  • - CuNi: +400 °C
  • Min. installation temperature: -20 °C


  • High constant power output per metre
  • Extremely high mechanical strength
  • Temperature-resistant up to +650 °C
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Supply voltage of up to 500 V
  • Suitable for Ex areas
  • Outer jacket of Incoloy
  • - highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking
  • - high power output (up to 230 W/m)
  • - extremely high chemical resistance