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The BARTEC HTSB heating system covers a wide range of applications in trace heating. Frost protection, temperature maintenance and also a combination of temperature increase and temperature maintenance is possible in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.

The HTSB heating tape, which is a part of the HTSB system, can be supplied in power outputs between 15 W/m and 90 W/m at 10 °C. This makes it easy to adapt the output to the heat losses. The protective outer sheath of the cable is made of fluoropolymer plastic.


HTSB system overview

  • Self-limiting parallel heating tape HTSB
  • Silicone cold applied technology for connection and terminating
  • Optional: Junction box
  • Optional: mechanical or electronic thermostats or control systems


  1. Easy planning of heating circuits
  2. Simple installation on site
  3. Use in the hazardous area
  4. Wide operating temperature range
  5. Limiter is not required
  6. Direct entry possible in a junction box