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Insulation entry forr
Aluminium self-adhesive tape +80 °C
Aluminium self-adhesive tape +150 °C
Aluminium foil, 1000/100 m
Aluminium foil, 1000/10 m
Textile self-adhesive tape +90 °C
Polyester self-adhesive tape +100 °C
Glass-fibre self-adhesive tape +250 °C
Self-adhesive label
Connection cables heat-resistant
Crimping Set EKL
Mounting plates and brackets in stainless steel
Mounting plates and brackets in galvanised steel
Stainless steel cable ties
Nylon cable ties
Special fixing straps
S/S fixing strap 3/8''
S/S buckle 3/8''
S/S fixing strap 3/4''
S/S buckle 3/4''
Tensioning tool
Polyester fixing strap
Wire mesh
Lacing wire
Securing pins
Self retaining washers
Spacing strips