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Typical applications are frost protection, temperature maintenance and heat-up in pipes, tanks, vessels or surfaces in Zone 1,2 and 21, 22. The self-limiting parallel heating tape MSB is available with various nominal power ratings at 10 °C of 10 W/m to 40 W/m. The outer cover is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPC) default for areas with special requirements to chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

Dependant on the start-up temperature respectively the start-up current and the supplied voltages a maximum heating circuit length of 235 m is possible.


System overview

  • Self-limiting parallel heating tape MSB
  • Silicone cold applied technology or pluggable system PLEXO TCS connection and termination
  • Junction box made of polyester, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Optional: mechanical or electronic thermostats or control systems

Ambient temperature

  • maximum admissible work-piece temperatures
  • of +110 °C (switched-on)
  • and +130 °C (switched-off)


  • Simple project planning of heating circuits
  • Easy installation due to on-site assembly
  • Certificate for the system according to IEC/EN 60079-30-1
  • Junction boxes made of polyester, stainless steel and aluminium available
  • Calculation and design-software - Free Download
  • Direct entry in a junction box possible