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The Skin Effect Heating system is an electrical heating system using the AC phenomenon with a remarkable effect on the inner surface of a ferromagnetic tube. The heating element is a plastic insulated conductor inside a ferromagnetic carbon steel tube. The heating circuit is to be designed to any needs by variation heat pipe size, electrical conductor size, supply voltage and insulation material. BARTEC provides the complete component range and a full package of documentation. The typical applications of SEH systems are temperature maintenance, frost protection and heating-up of long pipelines. All parts of the system are grounded providing additional electrical safety. Power feeding point equipment is designed and constructed customized, according to project requirements. When increased power output is necessary several runs can be installed.


Features :

  • Most cost effective solution to maintain temperature at long or unlimited distance lengths with least number of feeding points
  • Components with temperature resistance of up to 260°C
  • Heating tube made of carbon steel provides additional mechanical safety for SEH cable
  • Electrical safety thanks to zero potential on the outer surface of heating tube
  • Design according to IEEE844 standard
  • Wide ambient temperature range

System components :

  • SEH heating cable (120 °C/260 °C) with connection equipment
  • SEH feeding and end box (up to 5 kV) with connection equipment
  • Pull & splice box
  • Distribution panel, control equipment and transformer