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Ceramic fiber heaters offer some of the highest temperature heating element capabilities in the Watlow family of heaters. Heating units constructed of ceramic fiber insulation isolate the heating chamber from the outside. Ceramic fiber heaters are extremely low mass, high insulation value units with self-supported heating elements. Many applications can benefit from the convenience of the heating element and insulation combined into one package. Its lightweight, low-density properties make it ideally suited for high temperature applications requiring low thermal mass.


Material Maximum Operating Temperatures Maximum Watt Densities
°F °C W/in2 W/cm2
Ceramic Fiber  2200 1204 30 4.6
  • Uses “radiant” heat transfer exclusively
  • Operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1204°C)
  • Watt densities from 5 up to 30 W/in² (0.8 to 4.6 W/cm²)


  • High-temperature furnaces
  • Metal melting, holding and transfer
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Glass, ceramic and wire processing
  • Analytical instrumentation

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
High temperature ICA resistance elements
  • Bounds integrally into required position
  • Allows five element configurations
Lightweight, low-density alumina-silica composition molded into shape
  • Acts as an insulation to isolate the heating chamber from the outside
  • Provides low shrinkage fiber and inorganic binder
  • Ensures a firm, thermal shock resistant, self-supporting unit at all operating temperatures
Operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1204°C)
  • Provides high-temperature performance not possible with many other heater types
Low mass ceramic fiber insulation of 10 to 15 lb/ft³ (160 to 240 kg/m³)
  • Allows the heater to reach process temperature quickly
  • Allows the energy to heat the load instead of wasting energy on itself
Works directly off common power line voltages
  • Eliminates the need for expensive transformers or complex power control systems
  • Allows compatibility with the full range of Watlow temperature controllers and power switching devices