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Watlow designs and manufactures all of the components of a thermal system. This allows Watlow to recommend, develop and deliver the optimal thermal solution of customer's equipment.

Product Description
SERIES EHG Includes a compact temperature control, thermocouple sensor and power switching device integrated into a heater’s power cord used to control process temperatures. 
SERIES EHG SL10 Integrates a heater, an adjustable set point temperature controller, high/low temperature alert, power switching device and high temperature safety limit all within the power cord system. 
ST10 and ST207 Pre-set thermostats used with flexible heaters are available mounted to the heater or as a separate device used to control process. 
Sensors A full range of thermocouple, RTD and thermistor sensors are available for integration into the heater construction or mounted remote to monitor process or heater temperature.  
Bulb and Capillary Regulates temperature in non-critical applications within a preset range and cycles heaters on and off. 
Low Liquid Level Sensors These sensors protect heating systems by determining low levels of fluid. The sensors can be connected to a variety of controllers, alarms or limit protection devices.