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Model PS1


Design Features

·  Compact Design
·  Integral Hard PUR 30 mm insulation shell with very high insulation value.
·  Extends life of field equipment
·  Stainless Steel Enclosure w/epoxy coated cover
·  IP65 Ingress Protection Class
·  Anti-static acc. EN 50014 < 109 W
·  Operation temperature –70 °C to +150 °C.
·  320x390x450(610*) mm (DxWxH) *mountingplate

The Multi Instruments Protection System PS1

The Multi Instruments Instrument protection systems fulfills the need for low cost and very compact full stainless steel instrument housing without quality compromises and  complying to industrial standards. The easy snap locks allow quick opening and the prop stay ensures maximum access of the instrument inside.
A very high quality integral 30 mm hard PUR insulation shell allows instruments to survive very harsh environments with only minimal power consumption.
An optional round safety glass window even allows visibility to indicators, without opening the cover.

Added Value

To ensure “Plug-and-Play” installation on-site we specialize in custom instrument hookup services. Your (free issue supplied) instrument(s) will be fitted onto the appropriate manifold, stainless steel mounting plate and together with other requested options completely assembled, tagged and tested to your specifications.



·  Electrical manifold heaters EEx
·  Safety Glass Window (Ø 210 mm).
·  Various types Stainless Steel mounting plates for all types of MI and third party manifolds
·  Test/Instrument Connector
·  Heater Connection box
·  Integrated test connector (NAM/SHELL)
·  Process Connector insulation cover (IK-1)
·  Thermostatic manifold process heater control