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Heat Tracing
OSNALINE® products are designed to supply corrosive, pure and high-purity liquids, gases and vapours in chemical, petrochemical and industrial processes. Process and analyser sample lines carrying certain substances, which are susceptible to spontaneous polymerisation or decomposition are generally delivered in a stabilised form to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance. For this application, OSNALINE® tubes and tube bundles are also available with steam or electrical tracing.
Electric Tracing
OSNALINE® products are additionally equipped with an electrical heating cable to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance. The tubes and heating cable have a circumferential metal sheathing, consisting of two overlapping aluminium tapes for temperature distribution along the tubes. A tin-plated copper strand in physical contact with the metal sheathing along the entire length of, serves as an equipotential bonding conductor. Together they are wrapped with a thermal insulation made of several layers of polyester fleece or glass fibre and protected by one of a variety of jacket materials according to the client’s requirements. Electrical tracing OSNALINE® products are used where steam is not available or steam supply could be interrupted, such as during shutdowns. Electrical tracing versions are available with different heating cables such as: • Self regulating • Power limiting • Constant power By this means it is possible to maintain temperatures for frost protection from an ambient temperature of -25°C to over 200°C.