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KME provides all of the key technologies for the production of highperformance products. Careful control of product chemical composition allows the requirements of all international standards to be met and ensures excellent ductility, weldability, corrosion performance and the highest reliability, which in turn provides economic efficiency.

KME is conducting R&D in various fields of technology:

• Engineering

• Materials

• Coatings

• Manufacturing

The R&D department for material development covers both the testing of new alloys and the further development of known ones. The goal for such research work is to constantly improve products for the benefit of our customers and has the facility to draw on the knowledge and experience from the whole KME group. The laboratory’s melting and casting facilities are capable of casting blocks up to 3,000 kg which can be further processed at the production facilities. This means that optimal production parameters can be determined in advance. A small rolling mill and a hot forging process, together with annealing and salt-bath furnaces, are used for thermomechanical treatments within the department. The development of materials is supported by the full range of chemical analysis equipment (S-OES, XRS, ICP, F-AAS, GF-AAS etc.), including metallography, and by SEM electron microscope including EDX analysis systems. In the area of coatings, a galvanotechnical laboratory has been set up. Destructive tests provide additional data, making it possible to compile customer-specific information - e.g. with temperature tensile tests - on particular stresses such as thermal/chemical problems in specific areas. The unique combination of know-how and long-standing experience in the field makes KME a highly qualified partner in all challenges that arise.