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Special Coated CoilsNEW for process and emissions analysers

When corrosion and surface activity are of concern, solutions must be engineered using special alloys or surface treatments. To enhance further the physical characteristics of our stainless steel coils we have partnered SilcoTek® to offer special coated tubing with a ceramic-like inner surface to prevent adsorption and improve corrosion resistance. As a result, there is an improved response time by the analyser in detecting changes of trace amounts of active compounds (H2S, mercury, ammonia and many others). SilcoNert® 2000 is a chemical vapor-deposited (CVD) silicon coating, specifically designed to improve the inertness of stainless steel and other materials to sulphur and other types of chemicals. The CVD process produces a flexible, amorphous silicon layer capable of operating at high temperatures that diffuses into the metal lattice and serves as a chemically protective barrier with a coating thickness of 100-250 nm. The coating will conform to the most intricate surfaces while maintaining high dimensional tolerances. The surface is further passivated with covalently bonded hydrocarbon molecules. This allows the tubing surfaces to maintain their protection during bending and will also not interfere with threaded or compression joints; making SilcoNert® 2000 the ideal coating for process sampling, refinery gas sampling, and down hole sampling applications. SilcoNert® 2000 treated tubing reduces uptake by orders of magnitude, relative to untreated or electropolished stainless steel tubing and also eliminates memory effects in sulphur analysis. Figure 1 shows that the adsorption of ammonia is almost completely prevented by the coating.


is a high durability, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and inert coating that is ideal for field sampling, process, and oil & gas applications. It offers superior wear resistance and durability and extends the life of stainless steel in harsh, corrosive environments. Figure 2 shows the improved corrosion resistance of stainless steel whereas in Figure 3, Dursan® is shown to double the surface hardness and wear resistance. Dursan’s high temperature, heat and oxidation resistant coating virtually eliminates oxidation of stainless steel; maintaining a lustrous appearance even after exposure to 450°C. Surface treated stainless steel coils prevent corrosion or adsorption of active compounds in process systems, and should be considered in applications where corrosive or active streams are to be sampled, transferred, or analysed; otherwise, poor surface inertness can result in performance issues ranging from poor sensitivity and resolution, to adsorption/desorption and catalytic effects. The resulting overall impact to the end user includes regulatory compliance issues, lost product, poor process yields; all of which can be avoided by using KME/Silco Tek products.