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Watlow's lab services provide prototype testing and quality certification for the development of the optimum sensor for your application. Our certification processes can verify your finished product is built to specifications set forth by the world's leading standards agencies.
Product Development and Prototype Test Lab
Watlow can provide testing during all phases of product development. To guarantee Watlow temperature sensors retain their quality after long-term use, we maintain a variety of custom designed furnaces and baths for long-term drift and cycle testing at temperature up to 3090°F (1700°C).
Prototype testing evaluates new sheath materials, new configurations and new manufacturing processes. Watlow is always stretching the limits and always searching for the better way to handle unique applications. We offer the following tests:
  • Time response
  • Vibration
  • High temperature
  • Cryogenic temperature
  • Tensile and compression
  • Humidity
  • Life testing
  • Cycle and drift
  • Wire insulation abrasion
  • Micro-hardness
  • Dielectric breakdown
  • Customized testing for your application
ISO 10012 is used as the guide for all sensor and instrument calibration making all results traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The standard methods and specifications for sensor calibration used are:
  • ASTM E 207
  • ASTM E 220
  • ASTM E 230
  • ASTM E 644
  • AMS 2750C
Watlow can test and certify any temperature sensing product.

Quality Certification Lab
Today's demand for world class products that perform better, last longer, are more accurate and withstand harsher environments has led to an increased demand for certified compliance with manufacturing standards. Many high-tech industries demand certificates of compliance and traceability in the manufacturing process of the components they buy from you. Watlow is able to meet this demand with our complete testing and certification services.