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1) Heating tape should be installed on clean, dry pipe free from burrs, weld splatter or any
rough, sharp projections.

2) Heating tape may be straight traced or spiralled along the pipe. If straight traced, the heating
tape should be held in place with adhesive tape at 300mm intervals. For spiral tracing, fixing
at 1m intervals is suitable.

3) Use the correct adhesive tape suitable for the temperature application.

4) A 30mA trip Residual Current Circuit Device (RCCB) or Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
(ELCB) is recommended for use with heating tapes. ( Type C)

5) If in doubt about electrical installation consult a qualified electrician.

6) Use the specified insulation and ensure that it is kept dry for maximum efficiency.

7) Fit caution labels on the outside of thermal insulation at approximately 3-meter intervals.

8) For PVC, ABS, Polythene and other ‘Plastic’ pipes use heating tape not exceeding 12 watts
per meter and having an earth screen covering. It is recommended that heating tape should have a 50mm wide adhesive aluminium foil under and over the cable.

An RCC or ELCB unit must be used in conjunction with this type of installation.

9)It is recommended that all Heating tape should be installed in conjunction with a
thermostatic controller.

10) Heating cable should be terminated using a suitable termination kit.

11) The installtion should be periodically inspected to ensure correct performance.