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The advanced design of the MULTICELL™ heater from Watlow offers three major advantages over other insertion heaters: extreme process temperature capability, independent zone control for precise temperature uniformity and loose fit design for easy insertion and removal.


Material Maximum Operating Temperatures Maximum Watt Densities
°F °C W/in2 W/cm2
Alloy 800  2050 1120 30 4.6
  • Engineered to achieve sheath temperatures up to 2050°F (1120°C)
  • Up to six independently controllable zones


  • Hot isothermal forming
  • Soil remediation
  • Hot forging dies
  • Heated platens
  • Super plastic forming
  • Heated platens (single and multiple zones)
  • Heat treating processes
  • Super plastic forming with diffusion bonding
  • Polysilicon ingots
  • Hot gas generation
  • Hazardous waste treatment systems

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Multiple, independently controllable zones
  • Allows process temperature uniformity not possible with any other single-sheathed heater
Radiant design of heater
  • Allows for loose insertion in boiling holes and piping holes
  • Permits easy removal and replacement with minimal down time since it will not bind or seize in the hole
Oxidized sheath
  • Provides high emissivity and improves the heater’s performance as oxidation increases
Individually metal-sheathed coils swaged into a larger, high-temperature alloy outer sheath
  • Provides maximum protection against element burnout through the outer sheath
Quick disconnect plug and jack
  • Permits fast replacement of individual elements while the press stays at operating temperature
Special bending capabilities
  • Solves unusual machinery needs and keeps leads away from heated zones
Flexible leads up to 842°F (450°C)
  • Protects termination from high-temperature environment